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The Procyon company was found in 1998 as the family company especially Mr and Mrs Rataj. In what was stil then post-Revolution Czechoslovakia and after 1997 situation was not simply to start company without the big capital. Procyon the company commenced in 1998 with only family capital investment, but with considerable enthusiasm. Very early it establishment a Philosophy or Charter committing itself to the manufacture of items with strong botanical theme and content. as far as possible organically grown. Our first products were Herbal teas an original recipe developed at the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University of Brno. We buy this recipe, the name Procyon with their philosophy of herbal teas and other natural products which we want to made. Next year we started produce sunflower oils with herbs and spices and vinegar with spices. Due to high quality sign public response was very positive, and manufacture Procyon became well-known as the habd nade manufacture company with natural products. In short time we developed an increasingly wide range of natural products - soaps, cosmetics, candels, medicinals, teas, health foods, as well as glass and wooden gifts. New products, new packing and new image started openning new shops with our products only. In this time we have stil the same philosophy- hand made production of the natural products in our manufacture. We changing packing and design but philosophy is the same.


We love nature and natural row materials. PROCYON offers a complex program for improvement of physical condition by means of herbal tea treatment. We offer herbal products of high quality, prepared from strictly examined, selected, 100% natural raw materials. We follow the company norms, approved by the Chief Health Officer of the Czech Republic. We strictly watch over the quality of the raw materials, as well as the final product.


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